My Platform

As I seek to serve the City of Regina further, I hold the following areas of key importance and priority: accessibility, affordability & sustainability, infrastructure, and economic recovery. It is easy to make all sorts of commitments as a candidate; however, from my experience on the Regina Public School Board, I know that it is unwise to make commitments until you sit at the table and have all of the information.  Instead, these are principles and priorities that will guide my decisions on City Council:


My first priority will always be to represent Ward 9.  I will be accessible and accountable.  Every resident will have access to my personal phone number and I will respond to your emails.

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Affordability & Sustainability

I want to make sure taxes and city utility rates are affordable for all residents of Ward 9 whether they be new homeowners, renters, families or people who are retired.


Regina has aging infrastructure that needs to be supported. I know how to ask the questions that get the results.  During my tenure on the Regina Public Board of Education 8 new schools were built with 3 more committed.

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Economic Recovery

I promise to be pragmatic in my approach to economic recovery.  I want to ensure Regina is a city where opportunities exist for employees and employers alike.