Katherine Gagne For Ward 9 City Council

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Theresa Yanoshewski, Educator

"Through her Junior Achievement work in my entrepreneurship classroom, I have witnessed first hand Katherine's ability to captivate, motivate and inspire people to achieve the impossible. She is a skilled communicator, admired and respected by all who have the privilege of working with her."

Dr. Bernard Yip, Former CEO of SGS Asia Pacific

"Katherine Gagne was a strong valuable member of the SGS Hong Kong Executive Team. She is an extremely capable manager."

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Rod Antonichuk, Former President and CEO of Junior Achievement of Saskatchewan

"Katherine was given the onerous task of re-establishing our Junior Achievement organization in Saskatchewan. We gave her a challenge and through hard work, her belief in the province and our youth and her presence in the community, she was able to deliver results which surpassed our original expectations."

Lorna Simon, Owner of Konnect 4 Wellness

"Katherine not only has vision, she intuitively connects others to the purpose of the vision."

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Connie Buchan, Regina Resident

"Katherine gives all her decisions much thought and attempts to see all sides of an issue before making her selection of a path to follow. She sees the bigger picture and makes tough choices with consideration of the final outcome that will be of the most benefit in the long run"

Habib Habib, Co-founder & President of HoopLife

"I have known Katherine Gagne for many years. I know her to be accepting and wise. I think her international experience and worldview are a definite asset especially as we see so many new Canadians establishing themselves in Regina.”

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Julie McRae, Former Deputy Minister of Education and Former Director of Education at Regina Public Schools

“Katherine is a highly-principled and effective community leader. She has already demonstrated her ability to deal with complex issues, while maintaining the relationships with all levels of government to get the job done. I believe that Katherine’s unique blend of integrity and thoughtful pragmatism will make her both an effective advocate for Regina’s citizens and a strong consensus-builder on Regina City Council.”